Preschool Aged Assessment

Introducing the Integrated Dyslexia Screening Assessment for preschoolers

  This assessment takes 15-25 minutes and involves showing real and nonsense words and pictures to the student, asking them to pronounce, identefy and remeber each of them.

  Score only the first pronunciation or identification, and click "No Response" if the student is unsure or does not respond within 10 seconds.

  Please refrain from correcting or teaching the student, as we want to provide accurate results.

  Encourage your student to do their best.

Note: Use keyboard keys to scroll or scroll using your mouse.

1. When did your child start sitting up on their own?

2. At what age did the child start walking?

3. When did the child start speaking their first words?

4. Has the child experienced any medical issues or delays in their development?

5. Has any member of the child's family been diagnosed with dyslexia or other learning difficulties?

6. Has anyone in the family had difficulty with reading or writing?

7. Has the child received any support for learning difficulties in the past?

8. Has the child attended preschool?

9. How has the child been performing in school so far?

10. Has the child had any difficulties with reading, writing, or spelling?

11. Has the child ever received any special education or accommodations in school?